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Looking For a Sonoma Siding Contractor? Here’s What to Know

Before You Work with a Sonoma Siding Installer, Read This First!

If you're looking to have vinyl siding installed, James Hardie fiber cement siding or you need siding replacement in the Sonoma, you'll likely be researching qualified, dependable and experienced companies to get the job done right. At the Bay Area Siding Company, we understand that you have many questions about the process, so we're here to make it easy to choose a Sonoma siding contractor you can trust!

Choose The Best Sonoma Siding Company Near You

We're proud to work with top siding brands including the highest quality vinyl siding and names that have a reputation for durability and seamless installation, like James Hardie fiber cement siding. Whether you want to modernize your home without breaking the bank or you want to enjoy new siding that gives your home a fresh update that looks like real wood, shingles or even cedar, the Bay Area Siding Company can help make it happen. 

We specialize in:

  • James Hardie Siding
  • HardiePlank Lap Siding
  • HardieShingle Siding
  • HardieBoard Siding
  • HardieTrim Boards
  • LP SmartSide Siding
  • Alside Prodigy Siding
  • CertainTeed Vinyl Siding
  • CraneBoard Siding

We pride ourselves on helping homeowners across the Sonoma choose the right type of siding for their needs. Whether it's affordable, long-lasting vinyl or eco-friendly fiber cement siding, our professionals will work with you and explore various options that give your home immense curb appeal. You'll be glad to know that with the variety of siding we install, nearly any of these options would make a great choice to update the exterior of your home. Plus, owing to the excellent climate we have in the Sonoma, your new siding will last for years and years to come. Every brand of siding we install has a fantastic warranty, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind that you're making the right choice for your Sonoma siding contractor. 

Do I Need to Hire a Local Sonoma Siding Contractor? 

Siding, particularly vinyl siding, is often one of those jobs that can be done by a homeowner. However, just because it can be done, doesn't necessarily mean it should be done. That's because if you hang vinyl siding too loosely, moisture, wind and pests can make their way in, causing damage to the interior structure of your home. Conversely, if you hang the vinyl siding too tightly, it won't be able to expand and this can cause it to warp or bow. Knowing this and taking these many factors into consideration are just some of the things that a professional Sonoma CA siding contractor will do. 

In addition to the work itself, we'll also keep you updated at every step and clean up the job site so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your gorgeous new siding.

Does My Siding Need to Be Replaced? 

If you've had your siding for a while and you're wondering whether or not it needs to be replaced, it's a good idea to call professional Sonoma siding installers to come and take a look. We can investigate to determine if things like wind or water damage, or even UV damage has left your siding brittle, broken or even let in damage that you cannot see just by looking at the outside of it. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about replacement siding or new siding installation, and if you're not sure what type of siding could be right for your needs, we'll gladly bring along a variety of superior siding catalogs so that you can decide the best way forward that makes your home look absolutely amazing. Just don't be surprised if your neighbors start asking "who did your exterior siding? It looks great!"

How Much Should I Spend on New or Replacement Siding?

Hiring a Sonoma siding company is one of those decisions you'll want to make if you want to ensure that the work is professionally done. But another common question is how much you should budget for new or replacement siding. The answer to this is that it depends entirely on your home and your needs. There is no one size fits all approach for everyone. For example, if you're looking to sell your home, fiber cement siding or James Hardie Siding adds a higher resale value and gives a better perception to prospective buyers than vinyl siding, but vinyl siding is more durable and long lasting. 

You'll also want to consider the overall architectural structure of your home. Some homes look great with a more modern look like vertical siding and others with a completely different style. Of course, we understand that not everyone is an architect, that's why we're happy to answer any questions you may have as well as suggest possible ideas for your new or replacement siding that will make your home look incredible. 

Does Your Siding Carry Any Warranties? 

Absolutely. We wouldn't install it if it didn't. We believe that you deserve the very best, which is why our Sonoma, CA siding contractors only work with the highest quality brands of vinyl and fiber cement siding. We're proud to work with these top brands because of their dedicated track record to quality and reliability, and great materials make for an excellent result. When you contact us for your free, no obligation estimate, we'll also go over the manufacturer's warranty on the type of siding you've chosen, so you can feel confident that you're protected, every step of the way. 

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To learn more, give us a call or fill out the form on our website today. We'll take all necessary health and safety precautions and follow all rules and regulations regarding distancing and other details. Our reputable siding contractors in the Sonoma will then provide you with an accurate quote for the work. We'll also gladly answer any questions you may have. Browse our complete portfolio and see for yourself why the Bay Area Siding Company is the name to know when it comes to fiber cement siding or vinyl siding for your home. Contact us today and put our experienced Sonoma siding contractors to work for you helping to make your vision of a beautiful home exterior come to life.

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John C.google
The siding installers worked professionally from start to finish. I had my siding replaced on my home in Larkspur. The workers were courteous and always showed up on time and kept me informed. They also addressed my concerns appropriately. Very happy and would definitely recommend them to anyone who need exterior siding replacement!
Kristina J.google
We had 8 brand new windows installed and our siding replaced. The new exterior looks beautiful! The installers did a great job and were very prompt. The craftsmanship is excellent and they surely do quality work. I would highly recommend this siding company.
Lesley B.google
Very satisfied with the siding work performed on our Bay Area home. They weren't the cheapest bid, but the service was unmatchable. Everyone was very professional, polite and knowledgeable. All of our concerns were addressed. Thank you awesome team!
Richard S.google
My experience was great. The company is very organized and reasonable. The crew, led by Alex worked very hard and did an outstanding job installing Hardie siding on our 2 story home. We have been getting compliments from our neighbors and friends.

About Sonoma, CA

The Sonoma area, located in Sonoma County, is part of the cities that make up the California region. Sonoma, CA, is located in the Sonoma Valley, the largest wine-producing location in California.

The city has a lot of history to offer, from its quaint Mexican-style houses like the Sonoma Film Festival. Sonoma, CA, was founded in 1823 by a mission called San Francisco Solano. This mission was guided by the Spanish José Altamira, who was a Franciscan Friar.

In a short time when Sonoma was founded, it was secularized by the Mexican government, which Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo then led. Under this lieutenant's orders, the Sonoma Presidio was built, fulfilling the Russian Fort's objective. In this surveillance, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo also controlled the natives of the region.

Sonoma, CA, was the turning point in which the Bear flag rebellion was hatched that finally set Alta California free. By June 14, 1846, the Republic of California was made, which was celebrated in Sonoma Plaza on the bear flag. Until July 9 of the same year, Sonoma was the Republic of California's capital when it was finally incorporated into North America.

Sonoma was treated as a military state after the battle in Mexico ceased. By 1850 when California was treated as a State of North America, the Sonoma area was also independent. Although it was a legal dispute in the region today, Sonoma, CA, is already an independent city that makes up California.

Another part of the history that makes Sonoma an iconic city is designed as a town in the Mexican region. Classic buildings with Mexican roots and even the Mission of San Francisco Solano is still preserved. Other areas with a lot of history in Sonoma are Blue Wing Inn, Sonoma Presidio, and Salvador Vallejo's Mansion.

The Sonoma City Hall built for the 20th century still stands in the plaza in Sonoma, CA. This town hall has a complex design where its four facades are identical and offend the merchants around it.

The Plaza in Sonoma, CA, is still a meeting point where many festivals are held and attract tourists. The square is so special for citizens that in 1920 the idea of ​​building a gas station nearby was denied. The square has in its surroundings many commercial stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.

In the Plaza de Sonoma, CA, you will also find a Farmer's Market that offers its products from open to October, every Tuesday. For 2015 the City of Sonoma was named a Community Preserve of America.

In general, Sonoma, CA, has a lot of culture around every corner, mainly because of its plaza that has become the focus of tourism. You can feel comfortable in the city and in its restaurants to enjoy Italian, Mediterranean, Irish food, etc. Every tourist will feel great in Sonoma; they will have a lot to enjoy when it comes to gastronomy.

The city is surrounded by many mountains, green and very beautiful hills that create a pleasant atmosphere. Neighborhoods like El Verano and Temelec in Sonoma are expensive to buy or rent houses. If you are looking for apartments to stay in Sonoma, CA, the ideal is to look around the plaza.

Sonoma, CA, is also known for its warm climate, so many tourists prioritize the Californian State. The summer heat in Sonoma, CA, can reach 31 degrees Celsius and is very striking for many tourists. When the cold of December approaches Sonoma, the weather can drop to 14 degrees Celsius.

About the fauna in Sonoma, CA, you will see many birds such as the heron, duck, hummingbird, hawk, swallows, among others. In the mountainous areas, you will see some deer and pumas.

Nature makes up Sonoma, CA, but so does your love of racing events if you go to Sonoma Raceway. You can go to this race track almost every day on your visit so you can have fun like never before. These events create an excellent environment where you surround yourself with children and young people who love the races' adrenaline rush.

If you take your kids for a ride in Sonoma, CA, you should check out the Sonoma Train Town Railroad. This point of interest is good if you want to give your children a high-altitude adventure with the best attractions. Train Town is a model train that runs over 1 mile to young children.

When you spend your fun time in Sonoma, CA, and lunchtime approaches, you can go to the fanciest restaurants. Restaurants like "the girl and the fig," café la haye, and Valley Bar are the most popular in Sonoma, CA. Now you can go to California's cultural city and have a spectacular day visiting its most relevant tourist spots.

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