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Know The Pros And Cons Of Using Hardie Board Coverings At Home

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Know The Pros And Cons Of Using Hardie Board Coverings At Home

If you are thinking of redecorating your home, you must know one of the best coatings that you can apply. Hardie Board siding seems to be a great option if you want an attractive design and good durability. Learn a little about this material to reverse your house, its pros, and cons so that you can decide to buy it.

What Is Hardie Siding?

Hardie siding has been dominating the market since the 1980s for being durable and highly attractive. The name of the material is due to James Hardie, who was the impeller of a coating that is very popular today. It is a product that comes out of cement, sand, wood fibers, and water to have a material that will protect your home.

This type of siding is widely used for Bay Area or other areas that make up the United States. Construction pioneers like the Bay Area Siding Company have a great love for this siding for its easy installation. This product is the perfect synonym for fiber cement siding, only that it is a little more affordable.

You may know Hardie board cladding for its durability, low maintenance, and good looks. For you to be agreed on the material, you must know its pros and cons after you install it at home:

Advantages of Installing Hardie Board Cladding At Home

You may make a great decision when installing this coating at home where you will gain these advantages:

• High duration

This combination of Hardie boards with concrete or other construction products increases their durability. You can have a waterproof coating against moisture, high winds, and general rain. Hardie board sheathing can also withstand blows from debris and hail.

As the coating's raw material is cement, you will not have moisture problems or its retention. The coating will not warp, swell or rot from being exposed to water in winter times.

• Resistant against storms

If you live in an extreme climate zone, you will need to cover your house with fiber cement cladding. This material will resist storms without problems protecting you and your entire property. The coating withstands strong winds, falling hail, and even ultraviolet rays.

• Withstands high temperatures

You will not have fire problems if you cover your house with Hardie boards and their composition based on the best cement. This product does not have any flammable material, so your house will not catch fire so easily. If you compare this coating with that of wood, they are undoubtedly two very different fire resistance perspectives.

If you want to protect all your family members, you must resort to this coating. If you also want a discount on your insurance, you can use this coating to rule out property fire damage.

• Simple installation

When you have builders like the Bay Area Siding Company on your side, installing fiber cement siding is easy. You have to contact these experts who will cover your home with the material in record time. Every house subjected to this siding is insured against everything so that you will live in it for many years.

• Gives you an attractive exterior

Perhaps the main advantage you gain from fiber cement siding is that it will give you an attractive exterior. You can customize your home to your liking with siding such as cedar, lap boards, wood, or other materials. Fiber cement can be combined with almost anything you have to tell the siding contractor at installation.

All your design tastes would be covered with Bay Area Siding Company where you can decorate your home from now on. This coating can be tinted with any color you want; the palette is unlimited for you to take the best ones.

• Extensive guarantees

When you install these Hardie siding, the construction company will give you extensive warranties. Generally, you will have up to 30 years of warranties after installing the siding in your home. Warranties for material damage or fall often vary by installation companies, but you should take the longest.

You can contact the siding installation company in the warranty period for chips, cracks, or some peeling. Each manufacturer also adjusts the conditions for these guarantees, and you have to accept them before installing the product.

• Requires little maintenance

The best advantage you can have after installing Hardie siding is that it is very low maintenance. You will not have to sand, plaster, or repaint the siding every year; it will take longer.

Disadvantages Of Installing Hardie Siding

Although the material to cover your home looks perfect, there are some disadvantages after its installation that you cannot ignore:

• Extensive installation

The installation period for this coating is very long, which could be frustrating for you. You will have to wait a few weeks or months, depending on how big your home is, to have the siding. Every day can be torture for you while you wait for the siding to be ready to make your home look optimized.

• High costs

As installation on Hardie siding is extensive, this slightly increases your initial cost. You will have to invest a lot of money to be able to have the material on the entire facade of your house. Vinyl siding is often a great alternative to expensive fiber cement siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Can Give Better ROI

If you think of fiber cement siding as an investment, its cost may not affect you as much. You can invest some money in your home in exchange for a good ROI with high compensation. Many people in the United States choose this material to sell their house in the long run twice its value.

To take advantage of this ROI investment, you must install the siding with the Bay Area Siding Company. You should be concerned that your house's facade and sides fit well with the fiber cement siding. This company can give you very low start-up costs, quick installation, and extended warranties.

Approval Range With Fiber Cement Siding

The approval range that this coating has for your home is very high and more so for the Bay Area area. You will be able to install the material on your facade without problems at the hands of an incredible company in your city. The initial cost of installation will be nothing if you compare it with the duration that the coating will give you.

This material is qualified and free to market throughout North America for you to order in your home. You have to decorate your house with an innovative material, hard and resistant against any natural element.

Fiber cement siding is the durable choice over wood or vinyl siding in your home. You can consult with the Bay Area Siding Company about the installation costs so that you can change your home from now on. Dare to improve your property to give your children the greatest security.

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