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James Hardie Siding Review (2021)

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James Hardie Siding Review (2021)

After the dangers of asbestos were finally acknowledged and different lawsuits were filed, the company James Hardie began manufacturing cement siding. The company began by developing fiber cement siding by making use of wood pulp. If you are looking for the best quality siding in the Bay Area, your choice should be James Hardie Siding.

The company manufactures four different types of siding product, namely:

  • The Lap siding
  • Shingle Siding
  • Vertical siding
  • Trim boards

In this article, we will help you know all about James Hardie siding so that you can make a wise decision about choosing or not choosing siding offered by the company. You may find different types of Bay Area Siding, but James Hardie siding are considered to be the best.

What is Hardie Lap Siding?

This is a siding with a lap style of fiber cement. The product can be available in the form of factory primed or prefinished color with the ColorPlus technology by James Hardie. The best part about the lap siding is that it features a factory-applied color that is baked in to increase durability.

What is HardieShingle?

James Hardie is also known for offering fiber cement shingle siding that have the capability to add instant character to your home. These siding can be used for your wall. The shingle siding by James Hardie are available in factory-primed as well as pre-finished color with ColorPlus Technology. 

What is Vertical Siding?

The vertical siding by James Hardie are also made up of fiber cement. As the name suggests, the siding can be used for vertical sidewall applications. The siding is also available in factory-primed as well as pre-finished color. 

What are HardieTrim Boards?

The HardieTrim boards can help you accentuate the corners, doors, columns, windows, and more. The Hardie trim boards can be used to add contrasting or completing colors like darker and lighter shades. These trims can be available in factory-primed as well as pre-finished hues.

Everything you need to know about  James Hardie Fiber Cement siding

What are the siding by James Hardie Products made of?

James Hardie is one of the most renowned manufacturers of fiber cement products. In fact, James Hardie is the best Bay Area Siding Company. The company exports different ranges of siding to different parts of the world. The company was the first to manufacture fiber cement siding that do not contain asbestos. All James Hardie fiber cement is made up of sand, cement, and wooden fibers.

How much does Hardie Cement Siding cost?

The actual cost of installing Hardie Fiber cement siding can vary. On average, the cost of installation per square foot of cement siding can be $15 per foot. This may appear costly, but the siding can last for a lifetime, and it can be one of the best choices for homeowners. 

If your home may need some repairs, it can increase the overall cost of installing Hardie fiber cement siding. The price of the siding can also vary depending upon the area, size, and type of contractor you choose. Professional installation can also charge installation fees that can include the cost of the material, warranty, and the removal of debris from the site. 

The cost of fiber cement siding by James Hardie can also vary depending upon the thickness as well as the length of the siding.

How to maintain James Hardie cement siding?

When it comes to the maintenance, you don’t have to worry too much about the James Hardie Cement siding. The Hardie fiber cement siding are highly durable as they have the property of cement. Thus, the cement siding are resistant to fire, pests, UV rays, wind, and other elements. The James Hardie cement siding certainly require less maintenance as compared to siding made up of natural materials like wood.

Nevertheless, you will need to inspect the siding on a yearly basis. Yearly inspection will make sure that the siding will remain in the best condition for a longer duration. The inspection should be focused on two major aspects that include caulking inspection and inspections for holes and cracks.

The siding may also need washing at regular intervals. You can use a power washer to get rid of dust and dirt. Make sure that the power washer is not set too high as it may have the risk of peeling the paint or leaving the marks. If you don’t want to make too much investment in maintenance, you can also hire a local handyman. Regular caulking and pressure washing can be more than enough for the fiber cement siding to look great. The maintenance routine can also include traditional mold removal. 

What is the warranty period for James Hardie cement siding?

The best part about the James Hardie cement siding is that it comes with a 30-years limited warranty. The warranty applies to all types of siding. 

Pros and cons of James Hardie Cement Siding

Like all other Bay area Siding companies, James Hardie cement siding comes up with different pros and cons.


Some of the major benefits of James Hardie cement siding include:

  • The siding won’t catch fire as it is made up of cement
  • The siding are also resistant to pests.
  • The cement siding can easily mimic the wood-like look.
  • James Hardie is a renowned name in the Bay Area, and it has delivered good ROI to its customers for decades.
  • The cement siding last long. So, you don’t have to worry about reinstallation. 


Some of the negative aspects of James Hardie cement siding include:

  • Few customers found the installation of siding to be a little cumbersome. Thus you may need professionals to install the siding.

You will find lots of positive reviews about James Hardie siding, and this is one of the biggest points that prove that the company pays attention to the needs and requirements of their customers.

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