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7 Reasons to Consider Fiber Cement Siding for Your Home

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When it comes to a home exterior remodeling project, the quality of materials is the most important thing to consider, ensuring the home endures for decades. And when the installation of a siding is concerned, you have many options. You have likely heard of a variety of siding materials which makes it confusing to make a decision. If we talk about performance and longevity, then the best option is fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement siding is manufactured with cellulose wood fibers, sand, cement, and water. It is engineered in a way to resist fire, insects, and weather. Fiber cement siding is manufactured with a cement-type mixture, so it can be easily molded to look like materials such as wood planks or stucco without the need for heavy maintenance; it is one of the most reliable and excellent-performing siding options in the industry.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider fiber cement siding for your home exterior remodeling project.

7 Reasons to Consider Fiber Cement Siding

Earth-Friendly Siding Alternative

People have recently started prioritizing sustainable materials for home exterior remodeling. In order to avoid fossil fuels used in vinyl siding and deforestation for wood siding, fiber cement siding is a great earth-friendly siding alternative.

It is also efficient in helping you reduce your household carbon footprint. And fiber cement siding is more of a long-lasting alternative, so you are less likely to contribute to landfills. Considering fiber cement siding is always a great idea for your house and the environment.

Replicates The Look Of Natural Wood

One of the most challenging parts about finding a good siding for home exterior remodeling is that some of the best materials don't look as good as real wood products. But fiber cement siding is the one that looks just as good as you can find anything in nature.

It gives a very natural wood look that is not only eco-friendly but also makes the home look beautiful. Unlike many other wood products, fiber cement siding does not wrap or require re-staining or resealing. This is one of the most significant reasons for you to consider fiber cement siding over any other.

Fire And Heat Resistant

Wood siding, no doubt, looks so beautiful but is the most flammable material for your home, and vinyl siding melts when exposed to high levels of heat or fire. Combatively to these two, we must say fiber cement siding is what you need in your home because it is heat and fire-resistant. It is rated to tolerate high temperatures and will never ignite when exposed to fire.

This means that your siding is safe from damage if exposed to intense summer days, and if a fire occurs, fiber cement siding will keep your family safer. Considering safety a priority, fiber cement siding is your best option.

Can Bear Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather can be both; intense and beautiful. When you choose fiber cement siding, we can guarantee you will not have to worry about your home's siding getting damaged or cracked. This siding is extremely strong to bear almost all weather conditions, from large hail storms to straight-line winds.

In summers, when there is extreme humidity, fiber cement siding is not likely to warp. Unlike many other sidings, this is one of the most reliable ones, another good reason why you should go for fiber cement siding for your home.

Different Color Options

Whether you want a traditional or trendy vibe to come from your home, there are different colors for you to choose from. Yes, there is a need for color to be repainted in a few years, but if you choose fiber cement siding, it will take at least 30 years until there is a huge need for repainting.

Vinyl does not need to be painted again but keep in mind the life span of fiber cement siding is half times more than the vinyl. So when you repaint, you would pay to replace vinyl. Choose different colors of siding and match them with your home's vibe to make it look beautiful and, at the same time, reliable.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, you do not have to worry. Fiber cement siding is a very low-maintenance option. The siding only needs to be rinsed with a garden hose in order to remove debris.

And, occasionally, sponging from a mild soap does a great job of removing the more stubborn build-up. However, homeowners should take care by inspecting the siding panels because water can penetrate through the siding if the moisture barrier gets broken at the joints. The fiber cement siding is resistant to moisture, but the joints should still be taken care of.

Return On Investment

Considering all the advantages of fiber cement siding, of course, the huge cost cannot be ignored, especially when it is more expensive than vinyl siding. However, it can mimic more expensive options like stucco. At the same time, it is the same cost as wood, but wood is very high-maintenance and is not resistant to insects, rot, and fire.

Fiber cement siding makes your home look very attractive to potential buyers when selling home. It is surely a one-time investment, but the return on investment is guaranteed for many promising reasons. According to many cost vs value reports, you can regain 75.6% of the cost.

From our extensive experience up till now, our siding contractors at GVD renovations have the expertise to install all kinds of sidings. We have covered the seven most convincing reasons why you should consider fiber cement siding for your home exterior remodeling.

It not only looks beautiful and gives your house a homely vibe but is also very beneficial in many ways, which are mentioned above. Invest in your home exterior remodeling and feel free from the burden of reinstalling a new siding.

Contact GVD renovations and get your siding done by us. Our team has expert employees who will help you clear out any concerns and make your house look beautiful by installing Fiber cement siding.

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